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In 1923, Vassilis Argirakis sets up a trading company of Cereals, Pulses and Rice at Kalamata. The company soon expands its activities to food and fertilizer imports and thus, covers Peloponnese and Western Greece, too.

In 1946 the step forward is made. The company headquarters move to Pireaus, the biggest Greek Port maintaining the branch at Kalamata.

In 1953, the second generation takes control of the company and the trade name changes into Argirakis Bros S.A.

At that time, the company activities expand. Long-standing experience on pulses and rice leads the company to the processing and standardization of the above products and thus AKIS brand name is established.

  Throughout the last 25 years the company develops rapidly.

  In 1980, a private owned factory is built at Aspropyrgos with the following departments:
   - pulses cleaning and peeling,
   - rice mill, and
   - packaging department.

  In 1989, two brands names are created. "Astronuts" and "Trofino" for dry nuts and healthy diet products respectively.

In 1995, the third generation comes to reinforce the efforts for further development.

In 1996, Argirakis' Bros S.A activities expand to the pet food sector with the brand name "CRITTERS".
In 1997, the modernization of the factory is completed and the plant of parboiled rice is added.

In 1999, the brand name Trofino changes target and is gradually oriented to organic farming products. Greek consumers are enthusiastically welcoming the new products.

In 2004, we expand into Organic Pasta, Olive Oil and Coffee products
In 2006, dry nuts, sauces, honey and Fruit juices are added to Trofino “family”

In 2011 an important agreement is singned with the largest Gluten Free factory in EU -Sam Mills -. Sam Mills Gluten Free Products are now avalaible all over Greece.

In 2013 AKIS, lanches the first Greek Gluten Free product category with products such as Rice Flour, desert sweets etc. made exclusivily in Greece.

  Throughout the years, our company followed the modern life developments maintaining however, its high level products.

   At the beginning of the 21st century, with buildings expanding to 5,000 square meters, more than 40 people working at its premises and a National Sales Network, our company provides the   consumer, the customer and it's co-operators with new ideas and new  high level quality products.


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